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What Are the Best Treatments for Anger Management?

In terms of getting professional help with anger management, the good news is that counseling, “talk therapy” and psychotherapy are all effective.

Man considering whether medication is the best treatment for anger and hostility or whether he should talk with a counselor or psychologist about psychotherapy or We all have preferences and biases, based on our personal experiences – and what we’ve heard from friends or what we’ve read on the web. So the kind of treatment we seek will likely be influenced by these experiences. The important thing is that you’ve made the decision to get help with managing your anger from someone – a psychologist, social worker, or family therapist.

Often, when we believe a particular treatment approach will work, it does. That’s because the “placebo effect” is real. Research shows that our beliefs and expectations can significantly influence neurophysiological and neurochemical activity in parts of the brain involved in perception, movement, pain, and emotion processing. So, if you think one particular approach to anger management is better than another, it very well may be the best treatment approach for you.

What research shows matters most in terms of being helped with problems with anger is the effectiveness of the person who’s helping you.

Anger management, and anger therapy or talk therapy, are effective in reducing or eliminating the negative effects of unhealthy anger.

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