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Should I Use Medication For Anger Management?

Medications can be effective in treating anger and hostility, but some men prefer self-help anger management strategies for reducing and controlling anger and hostilityAntidepressants are the typical medications prescribed for anger management. However, many men are reluctant to use antidepressants to help with their problems with anger. They want to soldier on without the help of pharmaceutical drugs. Soldiering on isn’t a bad idea, if it includes some effective self-help strategies.

The truth is, there are many effective strategies for managing anger. This is very good news – especially for men who are concerned about the side-effects of medications, not the least of which is erectile dysfunction frequently associated with antidepressant use.

There is a wide array of anger management options. And before you reach for some fashionable designer drug, there are a number of simple things that you can do to help with problems managing anger.

Anger management, and anger therapy or talk therapy, are effective in reducing or eliminating the negative effects of unhealthy anger.

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